IDICAP: An Integrated Drug Intervention for Cancer Panel

Cancer Gene Symbols:



Cancer Gene Symbols:A list of human gene symbols used by IDICAP to search for (i) clinical trials listed in that are still open for enrolling patients, and (ii) drugs in DrugBank that target the genes.

Conditions: It specifies the cancer type targeted by clinical trials and drugs. If there is more than one cancer to search, separate the condition names by a comma. E.g. "breast cancer, ovarian cancer".

Gene level: When IDICAP cannot find any drugs that target a gene given by the user, it will utilize gene-gene interaction to look for drugs that target the gene's upstream regulators. The maximum number of upstream level to search is controlled by this parameter. For performance reasons, the default value is 1, meaning that the search will regress no more than one level up. Runtime grows exponentially by gene level.

Zip code: IDICAP provides proximity checking function that restricts facilities conducting clinical trials to be within a certain distance from a place in the United States. Zip code is used to specify the place. For example, if the user wants to find all facilities within 50 miles from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the zip code should be specified as 19019, the maximum distance should be 50, and the unit should be in miles.

Countries: It restricts the countries of the clinical facilities to be located in. Use a comma to separate multiple country names, e.g. "United States, Canada".

Maximum distance: It is the maximum distance from the zip code. See the description of Zip code.

Unit: It specifies the unit of maximum distance. It is in either miles or kilometers.


There are two ways to download the reports depending on the Internet browser. The simplest way is to click the link with the caption ‘here’. The file will be downloaded to the user’s local drive. For some browser, e.g. Safari, clicking the link will display the content of the file. In such case, right click the link, a menu is popped, choose ‘download linked file’, the file will be downloaded to the user’s local drive. The reports are in tab-delimited format. Users can use a spreadsheet program of their choice to import the reports.

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